Characteristics of shooter games

‘Shoot ’em up games’, or more formally speaking ‘shooter games’ are a sub-genre of so called ‘action games’, which are based on testing the player’s level of speed and reaction time. The main assumption for games from this sort is based on focusing actions performed by chosen character with the usage of some kind of weapon, which in most of the cases is a gun, more likely it happens to be any other long-range weapon.

shooter gameThe main goal in most of the games of such a genre is to kill every opponent that stands on our way, proceed through various missions, not let your character to die or get killed, and collect some resource during our way throughout the mission. The most common resource in that kind of games is ammunition. The most popular type of view in shooter games is so called first-person shooter perspective, when the player sees the events from behind the eyes of his character. Seeing events from the camera following our character, but staying few steps behind him is called third-person perspective. Some games have also an option of a fixed camera.

Those games are making attempts to imitate real battle scenes, although some of them are completely out of reality. Most of them are also intended to be played solo, but having also multiplayer option as an extra feature. Multiplayer option in such a games is popular especially among Internet players, competing with other shooters all over the world using Internet for this purpose. Through the net they can play solo, or as a team fight against the other teams.